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About Author Visits

Following are some links that may help you as you plan out author visits.

Why Pay Authors for School Visits Anyway? is a great blog post from author Caroline Starr Rose that explains why authors should be paid for sharing their craft. This post also includes links to resources for grants and other fundraising ideas to make an author visit possible. 

​The Elementary Librarian blog offers some quick tips on hosting a successful author visit.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

~ Benjamin Franklin ~


​(30-60 minutes, tailored to age group)

The Idea Factory – learn and practice techniques writers use to come up with new writing ideas

How to Write a Picture Book – explore what makes a book a picture book and how to write one of your own

The Writing Process – look at the writing process from a nonfiction perspective – students explore how audience determines topic choice and style of writing

A Writer’s Life – What is a career in writing like? What do authors look like when they’re working? Depending on age, may include a look at the joys and challenges of a career in writing.

Author Visits

I spent more than 10 years as a Girl Scout and Cub Scout leader. I spent even longer as an elementary school library volunteer. Every year since my oldest child started school, I have visited classrooms to talk about science, engineering, and writing, usually complete with hands-on activities.

I love helping kids explore different topics and develop a love of learning. And I am always inspired to find new, fun ways to help them do just that.

My books are geared for a variety of age ranges that span grades K through 12. I can work with groups of students both large and small.  I am happy to work with you to design a visit that best serves the needs of your students.

A full day visit includes 3 or 4 sessions and lunch with students and/or teachers. Prior to my visit, I will work with you to allow students (and teachers) to preorder books that I will sign for them. Half-day and one hour sessions may be accommodated. Travel expenses may apply. For information on rates and availability, please contact me.

Below are some ideas for program topics. Pick from these or suggest some of your own.

​​Large Assembly - The Nonfiction Challenge

​(45-60 minutes, tailored to age group, K-6)

Nonfiction is full of treasure, in the form of amazing facts. This game-show inspired program looks at a few topics covered in my books. The goal is to inspire students to look for their own nonfiction nuggets.

Following this program, students will be challenged to submit amazing facts they have found in nonfiction books (complete with proper sourcing). The most amazing nonfiction fact of the year will win a prize.