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Janet Slingerland
Children's author

‎By 2100, our destiny is to become like the gods we once worshipped and feared.
But our tools will not be magic wands and potions but the science of computers,
​nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and most of all, the quantum theory.

~ Michio Kaku ~


for Grades 6 - 12, Lexile 1120...  ​If I had to pick a career today, I might choose to do something related to nanotechnology. While researching this book, I learned so much about this tiny science - from how scientists see things that small to how they are using nanoparticles to cure cancer. This book explores key concepts and applications of nanotechnology. There are several mini bios of extraordinary scientists in the field and examples of how nanotechnology is changing the world. This is part of the Cutting Edge Science & Technology series published by ADBO. 2016.

​From an Amazon reviewer: "Great Book on tough subject made easier to understand by the author. Great for kids and parents wanting to know more about current science to learn about."

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